poldek problems

Marcin Chojnowski martii at obgyn.edu.pl
Fri Apr 26 21:42:42 CEST 2002

Dnia Pańskiego 26 Apr, 2002, Pawel A. Gajda napisał(a):
> Yes. poldek's indexes created with 0.17.2 (till 24th April AFAIK) don't 
> work well with current version and $ poldek --update-whole is needed 
> after upgrade to 0.17.3. 

So maybe then some warning should be displayed that getting of 
entire index is needed ???

It will not confuse people using poldek so much. ;-)

I must say that poldek is cool piece of software but it's last 
incompatybility made me little angry :-)


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