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Michal Kochanowicz michal at michal.waw.pl
Tue Feb 19 20:57:06 CET 2002

On Tue, Feb 19, 2002 at 06:21:46PM +0100, Blues wrote:
> > How is PLD different from other Linux distributions?
> > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> > 
> > In PLD one does, what one needs, or wants to do. This simple fact multiplied
> > by number of developers involved gives good picture how does PLD look like.
> This allows to maximize efficency of humans work - I can do something well 
> - I'll make it everywhere, not only in my package. Thats why many things 
> is standarized, besides not big TEAM.
thing_s_ *are*

> * quality of packages and init-scripts - we are the best :)
Signed: Blues, proud member of PLD devel team ;))) Damn, I'm proud

> > * Packages very often comes in sensible default configuration, with bunch
Package_s_ *come*

> >   of useful patches applied -- that's because packagers use packages 
> >   themselves very extensively.
Shouldn't "themselves" be after "packagers"?

> > [[mention rc-scripts, initrd, localization issues (%lang() stuff),
> >   -static, -devel, gziping mans/docs, several choices of 
> >   inetd/MTA/finger/ftp/whatever, and other stuff here]]
>  * we try to make possibly small rpm packages. This allow to install that 
> what user exactly wants to. Devel stuff is separated -devel and -static 
> part. 
* we try to make packages as small as possible. This allows to install
  exactly what users want. Devel stuff is separated into "-devel" and
  "-static" subpackages.

> * we do not prefer any specyfic MTA, ftpd, whatever in default 
> configuration. Because of Obsoletes/Provides mechanism there is 
> possibility to provide almoust automatic change concurency daemons (k...a 
> jak to napisać po en.?? )
Maybe that way:
* we do not tell users what bootloader, what SMTP, FTP, POP3 or INETD
  daemon they should use. Thanks to Obsoletes/Provides mechanism of RPM
  replacing packages providing same service is almost automatic. In case
  of bootloader and INETD daemon even configuration for new package is
  generated automatically.

>  * way of development - everithing is driven by CVS. This allows to share 
>    work and to make better product...
Stupid question. Are there full scale (not single floppies and such)
distributions not using CVS or equivalent?

> > PLD is fully prepared for automatic system upgrade. We supply indexes
> > for RPM's apt-get port, we also have other upgrade tool, named poldek,
> > with similar functionality.
Why didn't you mentoin "wuch"?

PS. This posting is sponsored by vim-ispell.patch and the english
dictionary (which, by the way doesn't recognize word "english" written
in lower case :/ ).
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