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Michal Moskal malekith at
Wed Feb 5 17:55:42 CET 2003

On Tue, Feb 04, 2003 at 12:30:00PM +0100, Thomas Bauer wrote:
> Hi Malekith!
> I talked to you some days ago about creating a special bootdisk.
> I now understand the scripts for the ui and I already built my own that 
> creates the config file.
> I have some problems though:
> * I want to use the cvs co bootdisk and include my stuff there (I won't check 
> it in the pld-cvs, but my own, but it would be great to use this cvs module, 
> because building my bootdisk would be automated.)
>   But somehow it doesn't compile! If I just do a "make" it says it can't find 
> any modules in the "mod" dir 

Do you have kernel-BOOT installed? You will need it.

> and if I follow MKINSTALLER and do a 
> "scripts/mkinstaller" it searches in a directory called 
> "/usr/lib/bootdisk/targz" for some files. 

The one way is to fetch all *.tar.gz files from
dists/ra/i386/PLD/inst/pkg/ and put then in /usr/lib/bootdisk/targz.
You can probably redefine directory with -t option to mkinstaller.
For more info how to use mkinstaller see mkimages script.

If I were you I would probably create my-pkg.tar.gz, with your version
of ui-wizard, and whatever else you want (i.e. my-pkg.tar.gz should
contain bin/ui-wizard, bin/whatever-else), and make bootdisk with:

mkinstaller -t $PWD/targz -p root,ui,net,my -m floppy,net

or something similar. Files from my-pkg.tar.gz will overwrite files from
root and ui pkgs.

> I checked out the cvs module to 
> some other path (my local sandbox partition is "/mnt/data/cvs").
>  How could I fix this?
> * My ui creates a valid installer.conf and I also create my installer.pkgs. 
> When I exec "installer" it first creates the parts., creates the filesystems 
> and the reads some pkg-files (IMHO cd0 .. cd3 or something) and after that it 
> says it can't find the packages.
> I looked for the packages and AFAIK all packages that are listed in 
> "/etc/installer.pkgs" are located in "/PLD/RPMS" but somehow it can't 
> find/use it.

It probably screems for *-pkg.tar.gz files that are ,,packages'' used by
installer. It didn't get to RPMS installation.

> * I want my bootdisk to be able to change/switch the net-config between 
> static/dhcp, so I have to change the "/etc/sysconfig/interfaces/ifcfg-eth0", 
> but simple copying doesn't do the job, because if he changes the ip-address I 
> have to rewrite it. Is there some function/util to help me with this task?

This is setup in /etc/installer.sysconf. installer-conf will later do
the job.

> I searched for a special mailinglist for bootdisk, but found no, so I 
> contacted u. 

There is one, pld-installer at, but it's mainly Polish, and in
fact most messages now are commit logs from poldek ;-)

> I hope that's ok.

So it's ok. You can also write to pld-devel-en.

> Is there some TODO for the bootdisk, maybe I could sacrifice some time and 
> help.

Yes, there is, excessively long I would say. It's in bootdisk modules,
in various subdirectories.

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