bootdisk problems

Thomas Bauer bauer at
Mon Feb 10 13:23:19 CET 2003

Am Mittwoch, 5. Februar 2003 17:55 schrieb Michal Moskal:
> > * I want my bootdisk to be able to change/switch the net-config between
> > static/dhcp, so I have to change the
> > "/etc/sysconfig/interfaces/ifcfg-eth0", but simple copying doesn't do the
> > job, because if he changes the ip-address I have to rewrite it. Is there
> > some function/util to help me with this task?
> This is setup in /etc/installer.sysconf. installer-conf will later do
> the job.

No, I mean I want to change network-config AFTER I installed the system (on an 
existing PLD installation)


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