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Sat Nov 15 21:25:43 CET 2003

[1] The translations are not authorized nor literal
[2] Moved to -en, 'cause there are people interested in here

> Jest jakiś sposób dowiedzieć się jakiej narodowości 
> jest dany koleś? Jakiś spis z podstawowymi danymi o developerach? Jest? 

<translation>How could I find out what nationality a guy is?
Some register of the developers' basic data? Is there any?</translation>

Why do you need information about nationality? That's both politically
incorrect (xenophoby & stuff ;-) and unnecessary. It should be enough if
people didn't post to the group where they're not going to understand
the reply (you can always reply to a Polish message in the -en group).

> Przecież nie będę wysyłał dwóch listów na pld-devel-* no chyba, 
> że przenosimy wszystko na *en ;-) Pamiętam, że serek kiedyś dawno 
> optował za takim rozwiązaniem...

<translation>I won't send two letters to pld-devel-*, unless we'll
move everything to -en ;-) I remembrer that serek once upon a time was
in favor of that solution</translation>

I wouldn't give a <offensive> if we were to switch to English for
everyday communication. And it would make things so much easier to the

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