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Sun Nov 16 09:17:46 CET 2003

Dnia Sat, 15 Nov 2003 21:25:43 +0100 użyszkodnik Paweł Sakowski
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> <translation>How could I find out what nationality a guy is?
> Some register of the developers' basic data? Is there
> any?</translation>

I'm always checking in CVSROOT/users - you can find there a name,
surname and even an e-mail and when all of this doesn't seem to be
polish then you can assume sthat the person is from abroad (okay, with
90% probability).

> <translation>I won't send two letters to pld-devel-*, unless we'll
> move everything to -en ;-) I remembrer that serek once upon a time was
> in favor of that solution</translation>
> I wouldn't give a <offensive> if we were to switch to English for
> everyday communication. And it would make things so much easier to the
> others.

I know that my english is not so good, but it would be a nice solution.
We already have changelogs in english, the reply-to field of bug reports
is set to pld-devel-en, why not change the reply field of cvs/svn
commits? At least for "technical" discussion about the commits.

BTW what are non-developers doing on the devel list? Give them write
access :>

Lukasz [DeeJay1] Jernas
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