pld linux general questions

Paweł Gołaszewski blues at
Fri Jun 18 12:37:07 CEST 2004

On Fri, 18 Jun 2004, lubos klokner wrote:
> i would like to know if pld 2.0 is ready to use, and if it is possible 
> to upgrade from version 1.0 (ra) to 2.0 by using poldek. i would like to 
> test it on my personal server (now running pld 1.0).

> i like pld linux very much, but sometimes i'm afraid of future of pld 
> linux.

Don't worry, we are using it, we'll take care of our work-tool :)

> there are no security advisories

yes, thats true. It's real problem....

> or any other informations about new packages.

Do you wan't to take care of that? :)
There is nobody who want to do such a thing...

> last few weeks i was unable to access pld linux web page, but nobody 
> post any informations into mailing list :-(.

kill ser at :)

> i know, that pld is Polish Linux Distribution but it would by nice to 
> have at least some news in english language.

Not polish.
Just most of developers are from poland.

pozdr.  Paweł Gołaszewski 
My jsme borgové. Odpor je marný, budete asimilováni...

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