RPM unified?

Arkadiusz Miskiewicz arekm at pld-linux.org
Fri Dec 15 14:22:30 CET 2006

On Friday 15 December 2006 10:05, Michał Łukaszek wrote:
> Hey guys,
> http://rpm.org/
> Do we have anyone collaborating with them?

Eh, that's another RPM fork? So we have 3 forks now. RedHat rpm, jbj rpm (we 
use this one at this moment) and rpm.org rpm. Someone is crazy.

> AFAIK we're the distribution which has the most patched RPM ever ;)
> why not share the ideas in current circumstances?

We do that on rpm-devel at lists.dulug.duke.edu... Some of us even do have RW 
rights for rpm repo.

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