[info] New 2.6 kernel on the way

Marcin Król hawk at limanowa.net
Fri Jun 30 12:08:44 CEST 2006

PLD kernel team has finally made 2.6.16 version working. Since it
removes serious bug of previous release (machines were randomly hanging
on smp version) I've decided to include it in distribution without
waiting for 2.6.17 (which doesn't have full patch set yet). For now
release is in ready tree and in next few hours/days all
kernel related packages will be sent for rebuild. Feel free to give it a

IMPORTANT: new version was renamed to "kernel" again as it contains only
minimal grsecurity (/proc, link and fifo restrictions). After moving it
to main tree kernel-grsecurity will be completly removed. For other
changes please check CVS changelog. Kernel in this form will be default
one for PLD Ac.


P.S. To persons fighting for ease of rebuilding kernel releated packages
for multiple kernels: package dependencies disallows to have multiple
version of kernel-headers installed in system. If someone wants to have
kernel-grsecurity available in Ac he has to manage a way to eliminate
this collision (between kernel-headers and kernel-grsecurity-headers).

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