Elan Ruusamäe glen at
Thu Mar 23 12:10:25 CET 2006


i wanted to split courier imap so that ssl and non-ssl services are separated 
(also same for pop3), but the outcome is completely ugly. especially 
confusing is maintaining triggers (drop them?). and the Obsoletes: imapserver 
in imap and imap-ssl would remove eachother during upgrades. why do we need 
the obsoletes for? i think with proper configuration you can run all ten 
different imap servers on same host ;)

about packaging, it looks like -ssl needs imapd binary (same for pop3-ssl), 
should the binary moved to -common package, and imapd, imapd-ssl just provide 
the initscript? or make -ssl depend on imapd package? for flexibility first 
option would be better. (and allows imapd invocation from superserver in the 
future if one want's to do that)

also why there's such weird inconsistency:
package: courier-imap-pop3, service: courier-pop3

i've commited current .spec to DEVEL branch.

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