[Ac] Mozilla removal?

Marcin Król hawk at limanowa.net
Tue May 9 22:49:35 CEST 2006

>>Since Mozilla Suite got an EOL I'm thinking about removing it from Ac.
> NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Take it easy :) Seamonkey seems to be quite usable ATM. And Mozilla
Suite is dead. Sad but true :(

> poldek:/all-avail> ls *seamonkey*
> błąd: *seamonkey*: no such package or directory
> poldek:/all-avail>
> I don't see it in AC, yet...

Yes, it wasn't built yet. It was colliding with mozilla. I've tried to
make them both able to coexist and it worked... on my machine only :(
When I'm building seamonkey on my machine everything is ok. After
building same src.rpm on Ac builders rpm automagically adds R:
mozilla-libs to seamonkey. I've completly no idea why it happens. I've
even created "exact" copy of i386 builder (same packages, same versions)
and it still builds w/o R: mozilla-libs on my machine and with R:
mozilla-libs on real builder. This is weird.

> If seamonkey will appear in AC we can talk about that.

It will. If someone(tm) will guess why rpm adds this stupid R: on Ac
builders. rpmbuild -bb -vvv is giving reason for every R: it adds...
except for mozilla-libs.

> I'm using mozilla and firefox isn't what I like. Maybe seamonkey can 
> replace it but if you're talking about switch - show it first :)

Yeah. Firefox doesn't meet my requirements too :) Teoretically seamonkey
can be sent to test now, but practically installing (or uninstalling) it
will require --force and/or --nodeps which is not acceptable. I have
working rpms built on my machine, but for i386 only.


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