[Ac] Mozilla removal?

Marcin Król hawk at limanowa.net
Tue May 9 23:23:11 CEST 2006

> Which package is going to provide system-wide (i.e. in %{_libdir}) gecko
> libs?

Depends which one we will decide to use for building mozilla related
specs. Either firefox or seamonkey.

> BTW, IIRC Debian replaced mozilla suite with xulrunner.

I'll have a look at it. Maybe we will be able to do the same.

> Try to extend _noautoreqdep in seamonkey.spec.
> both -libs contain some libs not listed in this macro:
> libgtkembedmoz.so
> libldap50.so
> libprldap50.so
> libssldap50.so
> libxpistub.so
> libxlibrgb.so

I'll check. However I still don't understand whats the difference
between my builder and Ac builder :)


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