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Wed Aug 1 22:06:04 CEST 2007

2007/8/1, Patryk Zawadzki <patrys at>:
> Is there anything against switching all NameObsoletes (Obsoletes: gdm
> in kdm etc.) to conflicts or dropping them altogether?
> I am the admin and I want to decide what to install with what. If I
> want 2 login managers, that's my problem, if I want 3 smtp services,
> that's my problem.

I'd suggest a help notice (I'm not sure is it possible with rpm -- I'd say
poldek had to do it, as one of the nice features that drag ppl to us
(mmazur(tm))). Something like:
"You are trying to install package %{name} which provides %{provides}, but
you've already have a package providing %{provides} installed in your
system: %{packages_having_the_provided_thing_list}.

If you'd like to install it anyway use the --force option.

Remember you have to manually configure the %{name} package to have it
working side by side with %{packages_having_the_provided_thing_list}."

That + implementing + 4 policies in poldek (automatically force,
automatically ignore without error, automatically fail with error (the
present poldeks behaviour), ask the user). I *think* some further checking
is needed, as there will happen situation, when the conflict macro means
that the packages literally can't be installed in the same system

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