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Cezary Krzyzanowski dhubleizh at
Tue Aug 21 13:31:05 CEST 2007

Dnia 07-08-2007, Wt o godzinie 21:16 +0200, Jakub Bogusz napisał(a):
> > AFAIR current vim has only perl enabled by default.
> > Or only perl was enabled some time ago...
> So maybe let's enable perl and python, keeping tcl and ruby disabled
> until someone proves that (s)he really needs them.

C'mon -- You must see it's bullshit. What better argument is "I like to
code in python -- please enable python" then "I've got a working perl
solution that needs perl"

That is not a solution.

I'd gladly do a vim + vim-{python,perl,ruby,you_name_it} package, but
vim's architecture isn't plugin like. The debians vims are just
different executables compiled with different languages. To choose what
is called when You type vim is made by alternatives mechanism in

Any other ideas then making 150 different binaries?

Cz at rny

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