SOURCES: logrotate.conf - do log rotation daily and keep 2 weeks.

Marcin Krol hawk at
Tue Dec 25 19:45:10 CET 2007

> compressing so big file is not nice.
> And ordinary system doesn't need logs that are one year old.

Let me put some thoughts here. There is no way to come up with one
universal logrotate configuration that will satisfy 99% of users both
desktop and server ones. IMO syslog and logrotate should be configured
individually for every system the way admin wants it.

In both cases I don't care about default config. However most of users I
know were happy with "4 weekly". Its quite good base value for both
desktops and servers. After one month admin should adjust his
syslog/logrotate config to match his needs.

If someone is configuring system for specific needs he/she should also
configure logrotate the way that will allow easy access to logs and will
not hog CPU/disks on rotate. If one will not configure it and will end
with machine compressing >=30gig log, well, its his problem and his
mistake. We as a distro shoudn't care about that.


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