rpm bug?

Jeff Johnson n3npq at mac.com
Wed Jul 25 16:20:59 CEST 2007

On Jul 25, 2007, at 10:05 AM, Elan Ruusamäe wrote:

> perhaps add possibility to query srcheaders to rpm?

Already there
    rpm -qp foo*.src.rpm

What you really want is some means to choose amongst
src and multiple binary headers when querying a specfile.

Immediately after the request for querying only the srpm header
is the request to query only a single subpkg header. The implementation
issue is the same even if the usage case is different.

The hack to choose 1-of-N headers is at (linenum wrto wrto rpm5.org  
cvs HEAD)

         for (pkg = spec->packages; pkg != NULL; pkg = pkg->next) {
             /* If no target was specified, display all packages.
              * Packages with empty file lists are not produced.
             /* XXX DIEDIEDIE: this logic looks flawed. */
             if (target == NULL || pkg->fileList != NULL)
                 xx = qva->qva_showPackage(qva, ts, pkg->header);

The srpm header is in spec->sourceHeader.

The real design issue is how to pass the 1of-N to the routine
from the CLI.


73 de Jeff

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