[th] rpm.spec - packaging problem

Patryk Zawadzki patrys at pld-linux.org
Fri Nov 9 15:19:59 CET 2007

2007/11/9, Arkadiusz Miskiewicz <arekm at maven.pl>:
> On Friday 09 of November 2007, Patryk Zawadzki wrote:
> > Last year rpm switched the /etc/rpm/sysinfo syntax. Now it expects
> > /etc/rpm/sysinfo to be a directory with following files inside:
> Not "expects". It simply supports both schemas.
> > Therefore I propose fixing the packaging to adapt the new upstream format.
> Go for it :-)

Would do that already but I have some questions:

* do we provide all (empty) files marked as config,noreplace or do we
just ship Filelinktos?

* rename rpm.sysinfo to rpm.sysinfo.Filelinktos or just create them
inline in the spec (cat <<< EOF)?

* which branches to fix?

Patryk Zawadzki
PLD Linux Distribution

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