Commit access

Marcin Krol hawk at
Sat Aug 22 15:35:37 CEST 2009

> Can somebody tell me who to get in touch with regarding commit access
> to PLD spec files?
> I requested access back in Nov of 2007 after submitting some patches
> and specs. I was +1'd by Aria and Krystian as well as feedback from
> Andrzej and Elan. I was then contacted and asked to turn in my desired
> cvs login info which I did a couple times but never heard anything
> after that.

2007!? You should've asked what is going on week or two after being
contacted to send cvs login & password :-) You may try sending mail to
cvsadmin at

Here is link with your three +1's:

> I have continued to maintain and update my own spec files and
> frequently update things that end up getting done by somebody else
> later anyway. Sometimes it's frustrating to be doing this duplicate
> work.
> With the re-arrangement of specs recently I need to update a bunch of
> my stuff. I was wondering if CVS write access was ever going to be in
> the cards or if I should just organize my own stuff?

Its been almost two years so it would be good idea to send few samples
of what you want to change and I'm sure you'll get your write access soon.


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