recent java changes (enforcing gcj)

Paweł Zuzelski z at
Fri Mar 13 12:51:21 CET 2009

On Thu, 12 Mar 2009, Paweł Zuzelski wrote:
> > Also, removing versioned jre Requires doesn't look good to me - the
> > required versions were put not without reason.

"R: jre" means that application requires correct JAVA_HOME directory
and bin/java command. In common cases it is required by standalone
java applications like odtransform, fop, JXplorer or tomcat.

Java libraries does not requires "jre". "jre" is required by an
application that uses given library. Java libraries require only JVM
that provides proper ABI (i.e. java(ClassDataVersion) >= n).

It is possible, that there is a JVM installed, but there is not JRE.
For example one can install gcc-java (that provides gij), but not
java-gcj-compat.  JVM (but nor JRE) can also be provided by firefox
java plugin, or even by java application compiled to native code.

> This dependency should be autogenerated and it should look like
> that: R: java(ClassDataVersion) = n

> There is a bug in "file" command, that results in wrong
> classification of java class files. It is fixed in PLD by patch
> added in file-4.26-4, so now java dependencies are generated
> correctly.

There was one more  bug - in rpm scripts. It has been fixed
yesterday (thx glen). Now it *really* works, but some java packages
in th have to be rebuilt.


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