th - package cleanup

Elan Ruusamäe glen at
Tue Nov 16 11:56:51 CET 2010

(i don't read -pl list, so don't bother replying to me there)

the following list of packages were removed from th-main (still available in th-obsolete)

they were removed because the packages were renamed
or some other reason why .spec does not exist in cvs HEAD

Obsolete: adodb
Obsolete: apparmor-docs
Obsolete: bad-behavior
Obsolete: ccolamd
Obsolete: cogito
Obsolete: colamd
Obsolete: cups-pdf
Obsolete: ejabberd-logdb
Obsolete: ejabberd-mysql-logdb
Obsolete: gmpc-plugin-autoplaylist
Obsolete: gnu.getopt
Obsolete: icedove-lang-pl
Obsolete: iceweasel-lang-ca
Obsolete: iceweasel-lang-cs
Obsolete: iceweasel-lang-da
Obsolete: iceweasel-lang-de
Obsolete: iceweasel-lang-el
Obsolete: iceweasel-lang-es
Obsolete: iceweasel-lang-fi
Obsolete: iceweasel-lang-fr
Obsolete: iceweasel-lang-hu
Obsolete: iceweasel-lang-it
Obsolete: iceweasel-lang-ja
Obsolete: iceweasel-lang-ka
Obsolete: iceweasel-lang-ku
Obsolete: iceweasel-lang-lt
Obsolete: iceweasel-lang-pl
Obsolete: iceweasel-lang-ro
Obsolete: iceweasel-lang-ru
Obsolete: iceweasel-lang-sk
Obsolete: iceweasel-lang-sl
Obsolete: iceweasel-lang-sv
Obsolete: jakarta-bcel
Obsolete: java_cup
Obsolete: jpgraph
Obsolete: ksymoops
Obsolete: libspiff
Obsolete: magma
Obsolete: multisync-msynctool
Obsolete: mysqldumpgrants
Obsolete: mysqltoolkit
Obsolete: perl-Games-Chess-Referee
Obsolete: perl-ack
Obsolete: pgpool
Obsolete: php-ncurses
Obsolete: python-gammu
Obsolete: python3-bsddb3
Obsolete: python3-jinja2
Obsolete: qdox
Obsolete: rsyslog5
Obsolete: scsiutils
Obsolete: svrcore-devel
Obsolete: tcl-bwidget
Obsolete: wsdl4j
Obsolete: xfce4-dict-plugin
Obsolete: xfce4-screenshooter-plugin
Obsolete: xfce4-xmms-plugin


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