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Sat Apr 9 22:52:54 CEST 2011

On Sat, Apr 09, 2011 at 16:32:01 -0400, Jeff Johnson wrote:

>> And I've shown that this "way" is wrong - having xattrs outside package
>> manager is bad design per se.
> You WILL have users using python eggs, and there WILL be a window
> installing content outside of package management.

And how is this related to storing xattrs?

> None of the above involves rpm "package management" installing xattr's.

Exactly - so don't throw me with arguments I do not care at all. I say
rpm should handle xattrs, nothing more.

> And none of the above precludes rpm from attaching xattr's where it makes sense.
> This thread started -- not about secuirity -- but how to handle
> *.pyo side effects.

I have no idea and I really do not care a bit. What I do know is that
application level is less important than system level, and the latter
requires xattrs in modern package management system.
How do we use them THEN, it's another issue.

> SO get rid of SUID.

I can't - rpm doesn't support xattrs (or it's so top secret you can't
tell me how to do this).

> What SUID has to do with "package management" of
> *.pyo side-effects isn't clear.

Did I mention some pyo somewhere?

>> So how can I store these caps in rpm? Or force rpm not to overwrite
>> these set by me in filesystem (manually or by other tool)?
> How does rpm store data in an rpmdb? You look at the schema,
> you create records conistent with the schema, and you write
> tools to make that happen for other data.

Thanks, that really helps. You could just write 'create your own package

> Reasoning from "RPM has a database" -> "All content MUST be delivered
> in *.rpm packages" -> "I want to remove SUID's!" is rather muddled.

No. "RPM delivers content with SUIDs instead of ACLs/caps" -> "RPM
should be fixed to handle xattrs".

> And this thread started (see Subject:) with
> 	What should be done with python's Newer! Better! Bestest!
> 	convention for storing compiled *.pyo files?
> not anything else.

It started like this, I've added something else. That is how discussions
work, subject doesn't have to be fixed as nobody has to stick the first mail

> And all I wished to point out is the (rather flawed imho) reasoning
> that led to putting *.pyo files into *.rpm packages so that
> SELinux trolls could pretend to a solution based on security tags
> instantiated in xattr's.

Maybe, don't know, don't care, won't argue.

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