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Sun Apr 10 00:49:16 CEST 2011

On Sat, Apr 09, 2011 at 17:09:54 -0400, Jeff Johnson wrote:

> And I'm not disagreeing. How rpm should handle xattr's like
> that capabilities you want is a whole different matter.
> Attaching Yet Another per-file tag everywhere just to set
> a capaibility for, say, ping and perhaps 100-300 other
> files (there's often > 1M, try "rpm -qal | wc -l")
> is a fairly expensive undertaking.
> And its quite silly to have _EVERY_ file have an attached (and
> usually empty/missing) capability when the right approach
> is to run a short list of paths that *do* need a capability attached.

Still, this is an implementation detail I won't meddle. The other time
you've mentioned that this could be accomplished by %post(un) and
%verify, so as far as I'm concerned %files section could have %acl or
%caps tags which would be converted to appropriate functions during spec
parse or something, you might be right that it doesn't make much sense to
attach them to every single file.

> (the above is wrto what is implemented
>> I can't - rpm doesn't support xattrs (or it's so top secret you can't
>> tell me how to do this).
> Bullshit: supports capabilities,

And %caps() only - without ACLs, we could have use for, e.g.
default:group:logs:r on /var/log as currently some logs are NOT readable
by user in logs group and this is beyond caps scope (DAC_OVERRIDE would
be per entire user x app set).

> I personally can't justify adding Yet Another per-file tag, but
> if that's what you want, I can/will add *exactly* what is at
> under a vendor-peculier #ifdef.

What exactly is the overhead of empty tag?

> What do you think about radiation leakage in JA? Does that concern you or not?

It doesn't.

> I kinda prefer Hillary over Obama: chicks in charge! Are there any females in
> positions of power in Poland? I just heard about MAM in France, she's cool!

Sorry, don't care either.

> I've tried repeatedly to avoid argument:
> 	Patches cheerfully accepted.
> if you want to remove SUID's and use capabilities instead.

There are patches - in as you know.

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