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Wed Apr 13 09:50:56 CEST 2011

Please check the latest update (rev 1.2)! Do you think, it's okay? For
me it works.

2011/4/12 Tomasz Pala <gotar at>:
> On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 15:58:56 +0200, Zsolt Udvari wrote:
>> I've added a php framework (development) to packages, named CodeIgniter.
>> It is not perfect (what is perfect?:)), so I've a question, I hope,
>> anybody will have any idea.
>> So. I redirect /usr/share/CodeIgniter to /ci (like phpMyAdmin).
> If it is a framework it must be totally broken if requires it's files in
> web-accessible tree (I mean engine, not some icons or other media).
>> In /ci/index.php there are some config settings.
>> See $application_folder. It says to CI, where should search the applications.
> Wrong - how would you run multiple projects using this single location?
> If it's not multiuser, there's no much sense in installing it via rpm.
> You should have this index.php (packaged as template) in your
> ~/public_html and put into this file location of framework files.
>> In my home-directory has a CI, in ~/public_html, its index.php:
>> $application_folder = "/home/users/zsolt/progs/codeigniter/application";
>> So when I type localhost/~zsolt/index.php/FOO, CI will search its
>> components in ~/progs/codeigniter/application/{controllers,models,views}
>> directory.
> It should in /usr/share/CodeIgniter, that's the point of packaging
> stuff.
>> What I wanted it? The application_folder is /home/users, so maybe I
>> can access my CI programs via localhost/ci/index.php/zsolt/.....
>> Maybe another way or similar. Any suggestion?
> Don't know CI, but corner case of Symfony or Smarty is having _single_
> PHP file (index.php) in web tree, it contains only configuration (like
> db); all remaining files is static content (media, css, user js etc).
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