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Tue Apr 12 22:39:10 CEST 2011

On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 15:58:56 +0200, Zsolt Udvari wrote:

> I've added a php framework (development) to packages, named CodeIgniter.
> It is not perfect (what is perfect?:)), so I've a question, I hope,
> anybody will have any idea.
> So. I redirect /usr/share/CodeIgniter to /ci (like phpMyAdmin).

If it is a framework it must be totally broken if requires it's files in
web-accessible tree (I mean engine, not some icons or other media).

> In /ci/index.php there are some config settings.
> See $application_folder. It says to CI, where should search the applications.

Wrong - how would you run multiple projects using this single location?
If it's not multiuser, there's no much sense in installing it via rpm.

You should have this index.php (packaged as template) in your
~/public_html and put into this file location of framework files.

> In my home-directory has a CI, in ~/public_html, its index.php:
> $application_folder = "/home/users/zsolt/progs/codeigniter/application";
> So when I type localhost/~zsolt/index.php/FOO, CI will search its
> components in ~/progs/codeigniter/application/{controllers,models,views}
> directory.

It should in /usr/share/CodeIgniter, that's the point of packaging

> What I wanted it? The application_folder is /home/users, so maybe I
> can access my CI programs via localhost/ci/index.php/zsolt/.....
> Maybe another way or similar. Any suggestion?

Don't know CI, but corner case of Symfony or Smarty is having _single_
PHP file (index.php) in web tree, it contains only configuration (like
db); all remaining files is static content (media, css, user js etc).

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