cdg: shadzik-rw (NEW)

Mariusz Mazur mmazur at
Thu Jan 27 16:44:21 CET 2011

On Thursday 27 of January 2011, Patryk Zawadzki wrote:

> Does not matter. Rules are rules.

No. Rules are created for a purpose. If they don't serve that purpose, they 
get changed.

> When a tribe needs to make a decision they don't necessarily ask the
> guy who hunts the most.

This is an open-source project. Meritocracy is the default set of rules.

> If you want CDG to be an exact copy of active developers, the whole
> point of CDG will be void. There's 20 or so active devs. If they can't
> agree on something, we can't ask them to approach the same problem
> again only this time with their CDG hats on.

Of course we can. Arguing on mailing lists does not necessarily lead to a 
decision. Voting in CDG does, because, well, it's *voting*.


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