packages: transmission/transmission.spec - ta_LK (Sri Lanka Tamil) unsuppor...

Caleb Maclennan caleb at
Fri Jun 3 14:05:53 CEST 2011

>> >> - ta_LK (Sri Lanka Tamil) unsupported, rel 2
>> >>
>> > caleb, why only this one? :)
>> Valid question. The workings of  find_lang and some other rpm ninja
>> tricks are still slightly magic to me.
>> In this case, because it worked. That one language was causing RPM to
>> fail to install, and removing it allowed it to be installed without
>> errors.
> ok, my first through was that we drop languages that it's impossible that
> PLD user will ever use, and second... "why only this one" :)

There are an awful lot that could not realistically be used. Has the
possibility of a whitelist of fully included languages been
considered? It seems like every spec has a different list of
problematic languages that have to be cleaned up, but across the
distro there isn't a lot of consistency here.

> on what environment it fails to build? I had no problems with transmission.

It didn't fail to build, the resulting rpm fails to install with a
dependency error on a tl_LK language directory. (TH 64)


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