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Thu Jul 3 10:30:45 CEST 2014

On Thu, 03 Jul 2014, Jacek Konieczny wrote:

> On 02/07/14 21:06, Jan Rękorajski wrote:
> >> What do you mean by 'cut down'? And what do you consider the 'bloat'.
> >> Most the things introduced since 208 may be really useful, and the rest
> >> won't break anything.
> > 
> > ... that's unfortunately not true :( Right now the obstacle is networkd
> > and I do consider this daemon a bloat, maybe it improved over time but
> > when it came out it was primitive bordering on pathetic _and_ it would just
> > kill your network if you had anything more than simple dhcp address.
> > Especially with the advanced configs we have in PLD, networkd must be
> > disabled by default.
> 1. from the announcements I got a feeling that networkd is fully
> optional and enabled by default only for specific cases (virtualization)

I remember that when it came out it was enabled by default and I even
found a rant somewhere that it breaks your (any) distro settings because
of that.

> 2. PLD rc-scripts, even though has many advanced settings and support
> for some very weird setups, is also pathetic and unusable for many
> simple and typical use cases.

No arguing here :)

> networkd probably should not be enabled by default if the network is
> already configured PLD-way, but otherwise it is good to have it.
> I think it could be a good idea to use it by default when there is no
> other network configuration. There is a change it will 'just work' in
> the most common scenarios. We cannot provide this with our rc-scripts.

That's some solution, but consider new install, where networkd will be
enabled and then admin wants to make some changes to the NIC setup only
to find out it doesn't work. We need a simple way for networkd to
disable itself or our network scripts to disable it when needed.

Or we could just enable networkd by default on new/unconfigured installs
and put a big information-warning in our scripts what to do when someone
wants to use them instead of networkd.

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