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Thu Dec 10 12:06:03 CET 2015

Dnia czwartek, 10 grudnia 2015 12:43:21 Elan Ruusamäe pisze:
> instead you should try to collaborate, try to fix things yourself first.

Sometimes it is hard to guess, why a certain modification was intoduced. 
Anyway, it is not the point here. And, on the othe side, the developer which 
introduces changes, may not know all the cases, where certain functions are 
used (like in this case). Therefore, we must discuss it.

Ii have noticed, that after recent modifications i rc-scripts, some services 
do not start any more. My example was mldonkey, in which the original line 
starting the service was:

daemon --fork --user $USER "cd ~$USER && exec $MLDONKEY_PATH > 
${LOG:-/dev/null} 2>&1"

The "cd..." part should be easy to fix since now we have the --chdir parameter 
to the daemon call. "Should be" but is not, for the daemon function does not 
properly expand exprssions like ~mldonkey (by default, it is 
/home/services/mldonkey). But - OK, I can put the whole path by hand.

The most important problem here is the "exec" part in the command. And it 
cannot be fixed just like this, for exec is a shell command. Unfortunately, 
mlnetd has no switch, which makes it fork into background (it was removed for 
some reasons). And therefore the script hangs here. It's probably the same in 
other cases reported today (svscan from daemontools and git-daemon from git-

> and there is no policy what goes in, what goes out, how things are
> tested, all goes by each developer's best judgement.
> rc-scripts is to me no more obsolete than the whole pld project itself.
> systemd is overkill and not usable with vservers. and no other init
> system is globally supported in pld.

I agree, that in some cases SysVInit is needed. I need it. Therefore I'm 
trying to find out, why some things stopped working. But I don't want to start 
fixing things if I don't understand the reasons, for which some changes were 
made (for "fixing" may turn into "spoiling").
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