npm and bundled modules

Elan Ruusamäe glen at
Sun Sep 11 10:28:37 CEST 2016

On 11.09.2016 00:46, Paweł A. Gajda wrote:
> Our npm is packaged wihtout bundled npm modules, what is generally good and
> maybe elegant, but it's just hard to maintain as there is over 70 node
> modules (npm 3.x) it depends on. That is probably the reason, why npm has
> not been upgraded from 1.x.
> npm itself bundle its dependencies,so, what I like to do is just to bundle
> them into package as well. It just works and would make upgrades much, much
> easier. Any objections?

that's the most reasonable thing to do now considering how much efforts 
it takes to match the npm package versions that actually are able to 
resolve to single set of packages.

  i.e foo 1.0 is satisified by all depenendcies, as usually pkg2 
requires foo < 1.0 and pkg3 > 1.0 so you need to have two versions of 
foo package.

but, it must be subpackage, not part of nodejs package. %package -n npm 
as it's highly optional for running nodejs apps.


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