[packages/postgrey] - migrate configuration to /etc/postfix

Marcin Krol hawk at pld-linux.org
Fri Jan 25 21:14:10 CET 2019

> /etc/mail was a bad idea, so such migration in all MTAs and tools is
> welcome :)

Except sendmail where /etc/mail seems to be "worldwide" default.

/etc/ftpd is next to go in TLD.

About merging back such changes...

1) I don't use PLD at all so I have no way to test changes in real 
environment and to be honest I have no time to setup some VMs just for 
testing. Also some packages in PLD simply don't exist in TLD so I won't 
update/migrate them.

2) There is no systemd in TLD. I won't touch any systemd or related 
stuff like in init/triggers/pre/post etc. I simply have no way to test 
these things.

3) In TLD I don't have to worry if some upgrade breaks things between 
distro releases as long as online docs say how to deal with it.

So... If above is fine for PLD I can merge some changes. If above is not 
fine then I guess I'm out, but of course someone may selectively merge 
things back from TLD git.


P.S. For same reasons I'm not merging back some other changes, ie. 
versioned PostgreSQL allowing parallel install of multiple versions (in 
which I have yet to move configs to /etc BTW) and newer versions of some 

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