[projects/template-specs] - stop including perl macros, it's not needed, rpm does this on its own

Jan Rękorajski baggins at pld-linux.org
Sun Jan 26 18:55:19 CET 2020

On Sun, 26 Jan 2020, Jakub Bogusz wrote:

> On Sat, Jan 25, 2020 at 02:06:07PM +0100, baggins wrote:
> > commit f75adea6b3f6c1343989e98a27167605ed55b780
> > Author: Jan Rękorajski <baggins at pld-linux.org>
> > Date:   Sat Jan 25 14:03:53 2020 +0100
> > 
> >     - stop including perl macros, it's not needed, rpm does this on its own
> I wonder how to specify dependency on rpm(-build) which includes
> perl/php/* macros now.
> Currently building e.g. perl-* module with 1 month old rpm succeeds, but results
> in missing perl() reqs/provs.

Only if you don't have rpm-*perlprov package. And it still wouldn't work
even if you had that include, since it's just a bunch of macros from
rpm-build package. Macros, that have been loaded automagically since $YEARS.

> Maybe change rpm-*prov Provides to "= 1:%{version}" and bump
> rpm-*prov dependencies to 1:1.745?
> This would force upgrade to new rpm macros packaging/processing due to
> name changes (just remember not to provide rpm-build-macros in new macros packages to
> ensure they won't satisfy older rpm-build dependencies).

I believe that the P/O I added to new packages should be enough, but if
you think we need some more, please fell free to add them.

> The other thing is that some packages intentionally didn't include
> macros.perl or macros.php to avoid unwanted perl() / pear() dependencies
> autogeneration, but can be handled by _noautoreq_{perl,pear} now.

Dependency generation has nothing to do with macros, but all with
rpm-*prov packages. Even if you "skip" loading macros but you have the
generator package you'll have deps generated.

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