audacity 2.4.x and wxWidgets

Krzysztof Mrozowicz krzysztof at
Sun Jan 24 12:14:58 CET 2021

W dniu 22.01.2021 o 10:47, Elan Ruusamäe pisze:
> On 22.01.2021 12:08, Krzysztof Mrozowicz wrote:
>> I updated audacity spec to version 2.4.2, but during the work I found 
>> that this version no longer compiles on 32 bits. I don't know what 
>> exactly should be added to the spec file to inform builders to do not 
>> try to build it on unsupported architectures. 
> it's two different things:
> 1. audacity developers dropped 32bit support
> 2. it fails to build due unknown error (details not shared)
> for 1, You can use ExcludeArch or ExclusiveArch directive, and include 
> proof of upstream their decision as such (in commit message).
This already has been fixed - the solution was to disable SSE and SSE2 
for ix86.

> for 2, probably should show what is the build error, maybe someone can 
> fix, and of course using search engine, maybe somebody already solved 
> the problem.

The configure/cmake script of FileZilla says that development version of 
wxWidgets is not supported and quits. From the other hand the wxWidgets 
roadmap says that stable 3.2 version is expected at the first half of 
2021, so I think it's OK to wait for it and then add to PLD.


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