problem with firefox 88

Krzysztof Mrozowicz krzysztof at
Wed May 5 13:06:55 CEST 2021

W dniu 05.05.2021 o 11:55, Peri Noid pisze:
> Dnia środa, 5 maja 2021 12:50:26 CEST Krzysztof Mrozowicz via pld-devel-en
> pisze:
> [...]
>> I tried with fresh profile - the same effect. It seems like FF is
>> reacting for clicking, but doesn't "re-paint" the interface accordingly.
>> When I, let's say click "+" to open a new tab, then minimize the window
>> and restore it, the new tab is there. Double-clicking on the window
>> title (maximize/un-maximize) also refreshes the interface. Firefox 88
>> from mozilla-firefox-bin behaves the exact same way.
> What graphics environment do you use?

XFCE-4.16. But the other PLD I have, that I use via XRDP also has XFCE 
and there is no problem on it.
The difference between them two, that could be important, is that the 
remote PLD is installed purely from the repos, and my laptop has some 
packages built locally and installed for test before sent to the PLD GIT 
repos. So I think, stracing the firefox process may be a good thing to do.


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