problem with firefox 88

Jan Palus jpalus at
Wed May 5 13:08:32 CEST 2021

On 05.05.2021 12:50, Krzysztof Mrozowicz via pld-devel-en wrote:
> W dniu 05.05.2021 o 11:35, Jan Palus pisze:
>>> Downgraded to version 87 and happy days.
>> Works for me. Did you try with fresh profile (firefox 
>> -ProfileManager), mozilla's binary (package mozilla-firefox-bin) and 
>> in case it still doesn't work stracing it?
> I tried with fresh profile - the same effect. It seems like FF is 
> reacting for clicking, but doesn't "re-paint" the interface accordingly.
> When I, let's say click "+" to open a new tab, then minimize the 
> window and restore it, the new tab is there. Double-clicking on the 
> window title (maximize/un-maximize) also refreshes the interface. 
> Firefox 88 from mozilla-firefox-bin behaves the exact same way.
> Would you mind telling me how to strace the program in a correct way, 
> please? I did it few times in the past but always I was googling the 
> method.
Ah ok, somehow I thought firefox hangs or fails to start for you. That's 
probably an effect of enabling WebRender by default for XFCE/KDE with 
Intel/AMD GPU so likely for you. Try disabling webrender in about:config 
(|gfx.webrender.force-disabled=true). Which GPU? If Intel are you using 
modesetting driver?

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