PLD-doc module

Artur Skura arturs at
Fri Apr 26 13:27:29 CEST 2002

I would like to prepare a README what is what in this module.
Please say if it's OK and what is in these '???' (or if it should be

Archiwum                - Old materials
CVS-resources           - ???
doc                     - main documentation
docdevel                - obsolete, do not use
docmanual               - obsolete, do not use
HACKING                 - rules regarding using our CVS
home-etc                - documentation for ~/.etc/ patches
ispell                  - ???
licenses                - licence issues
Listserver-resources    - scripts helping to maintain the list server
NET4                    - docs related to network
organizational          - organizational
PLD+LDAP                - some LDAP docs
PLD-logo                - the official PLD logo
PLDnotify               - ???
PLD_www_res             - sources for our WWW site
Press_Info              - materials for the press, announcements, etc.
README                  - this file
scripts                 - miscellaneous useful scripts
SGML-DocBook            - obsolete, do not use
SOL                     - Linux For Newbies (in Polish)
template.spec           - junk
uid_gid.db.txt          - uid and gid database


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