packages: ncurses/ncurses.spec - make it build on Titanium, try not to brea...

Artur Wroblewski wrobell at
Wed Feb 3 10:38:48 CET 2010

2010/2/2 Marcin Krol <hawk at>:
>> hawk: tell your internörs to reconsider trashing the HEAD, kernel.spec's are
>> in branches, why can't this be, this is no longer a simple change.
>> to shadzik: do not remove cc: when replying even if you post gets rejected.
> I don't think about it as trashing the HEAD. Being able to use same
> spec/branch for both Th and Titanium is very useful from my point of
> view - we don't need to merge changes between branches (both ways).
> Number of specs where %if "%{pld_release}" macros are used isn't that
> big and doesn't make modifying them that hard. I don't ask anyone to
> edit/adjust/fix Titanium part of such specs, just forget its there and
> focus on Th part.

So what are exact rules at the moment?

What if someone wants to create another branch of distro?


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