packages: ncurses/ncurses.spec - make it build on Titanium, try not to brea...

Marcin Krol hawk at
Wed Feb 3 12:02:07 CET 2010

> So what are exact rules at the moment?
> What if someone wants to create another branch of distro?

I'd like to know that too. When I've created Titanium I was keeping
separate branches on some specs. That was baad, because I wasn't merging
my changes/updates to HEAD. So I started using %if "%{pld_release}"
macros instead and keeping my changes on HEAD. For over two years no one
had problems with that.

Now I guess if someone wants to create/maintain his branch of distro he
will be forced to work on separate branch in case of even smallest
differences in spec because Someone(tm) is too lazy to workout few %if
macros. Nothing bad with that. Titanium is unofficial and I can't do
anything about official PLD decisions except for my vote in CDG.

I'm only afraid what next step will be.


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