Future direction of official PLD website (Was: A couple questions about the website)

Marcin Rybak marcin.rybak at gmail.com
Sat Nov 20 16:54:24 CET 2010

2010/11/20 Caleb Maclennan <caleb at pld-linux.org>

> 2010/11/11 Elan Ruusamäe <glen at pld-linux.org>:
> > there actually exists dokuwiki install:
> > http://www.pld-linux.org/dokuwiki/
> >
> > currently it uses pldusers.org theme, so if somebody would
> > create theme similar to current www in dokuwiki format,
> > i'd finish the data migration and replace the moinmoun install
> >
> > moinmoin install is outdated, unmaintained (at least in pld side),
> > dokuwiki i use at least myself, so i could improve and tech support it.
> Does anybody have any ideas or strong opinions about MoinMoin vs.
> DokuWiki? I have none. Both upstream projects seem to be pretty well
> supported and updated, although DokuWiki seems to have a smaller
> community and periodic spells of stagnation. In it's favor Elan knows
> it already and is willing to help support it. It seems like either one
> can be adapted for our needs.

I don't know if I have a law to say something :) - but, I'm not sure if
dokuwiki with revisions and recent changes is what should appear on PLD
site. IMO it is better for guides (like docs.pld-users.org was)

> Additionally, can someone explain what is up with pld-users.org? It
> looks like this was an attempt to actually do what pld-linux.org ought
> to have been doing while it was actually stagnating. It seems like
> some of the best content there should be pulled over, and the parts of
> it that are now themselves out of date should be jettisoned. Thoughts
> on this?

AFAIR pld-users was for users :), to make them chance to support pld, share
their own content and experiences. They do not have to ask for right to
change sth, and if something is outdated, everybody can change it. BTW - if
any content should be copied or migrated - authors should allow to do it (I
don't see any regulations at website, so it have to be done with polish
copyright), there is some of my content (marti) - you can easly use it ;)

Marcin Rybak

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