OpenMandriva upgrade 5.4.15 -> 5.4.17+

Jeffrey Johnson n3npq at
Thu Feb 23 20:31:56 CET 2017

(This is largely a FYI … PLD includes many Mandriva patches)

OpenMandriva is attempting an upgrade to 5.4.17 (or rpm-5.4.18)
with 300+ patches, ~90 of which need to be rebased (or dropped):

I was asked to help port the patches.

In order to avoid discussing 300+ patches item-by-item, the following process
is being used

CVS checkout on the rpm-5_4_15-release tag. Build and fix issues with newer prereqs.
Manually extract all the patches (and order of application) in a script. Apply, build, and fix.
Upgrade to the rpm-5_4_16-release tag. Fix merge conflicts and build.
Upgrade to the rpm-5_4_17-release tag. Fix merge conflicts and build.
and this process may be continued up through a rpm-5.4.18 release.

The process has proceeded to a collapsed rpm-5.4.17 patch, a separate configuration
tarball (almost 1/3rd of the OMA patches are to rpm configuration), and a custom 5.4.17
tarball with all patches applied. The next steps will be to either upgrade to rpm-5.4.18
(still undecided), and then to go through regression testing.

Comments are welcome at


73 de Jeff

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